Berlin Economic Forum 2019

"International Trade, New Markets, & Foreign Investments in Times of Political Uncertainty"

(International Conference, Berlin; November 8th - 10th, 2019)

Forum Locations

Based in Berlin, the conference will be hosted in the ICD House of Arts & Culture.


The Berlin Economic Forum Project 2014-24 ( ) is a 10 year global project organized by the Academy for Cultural Diplomacy in partnership with global governance organizations, national governments, leading academic institutions and multinational corporations. The project is built on the experience that the Academy has gained with the previous project: the Berlin International Economics Project 2010-14 ( ).
The next event of the project will take place in Berlin from November 8th-10th, 2019.

The Forum aims to analyze and discuss global trends in international economy with a particular focus on International Trade, New Markets, & Foreign Investments and to demonstrate how these can be used as primary drivers for economic growth. The forum will also emphasize the use of cultural diplomacy practices in these fields and the importance of this use for the success of the Nation Branding activities.

The Forum will include keynote addresses, panel discussions, plenary sessions, social activities, as well presentations of representatives from different nation states and major corporations. The vision for the Forum is to initiate and develop programs and projects that will support sustainable economic growth at the national and international levels.